Support the common cloud-native patterns with KumuluzEE projects

KumuluzEE provides projects for developing common patterns in cloud-native architectures, including configuration, logging, discovery, circuit-breakers, metrics, security, event streaming and more.

KumuluzEE microservice framework

For creating microservices using JavaEE and packing them as Docker containers. Includes a configuration framework and uber-JAR support.

KumuluzEE REST

For implementation of common, advanced and flexible REST API functionalities and patterns. Includes support for exposing JPA entities through REST.

KumuluzEE Config

For dynamic centralized configuration (using ENV variables or config server, such as etcd or Consul).

KumuluzEE Logs

For advanced microservice framework for logging.

KumuluzEE Discovery

For dynamic service discovery (etcd or Consul). Fully compatible with Kubernetes.

KumuluzEE Metrics

For easy collection and reporting of performance metrics.

KumuluzEE Security

For easy integration with OAuth2/OpenID identity and access management providers.

KumuluzEE Health

For implementing health checks and exposing microservice health information.

KumuluzEE Fault Tolerance

For implementing fault tolerance patterns, circuit-breakers, and decoupling microservices.

KumuluzEE Event Streaming

For event streaming support using Apache Kafka.

KumuluzEE Reactive

For integration of reactive streams (Vert.x, ReactiveX).

KumuluzEE CORS

For Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support.

KumuluzEE Swagger

For Swagger (OpenAPI 2) support and visualization.

KumuluzEE OpenAPI

For OpenaAPI 3 support, interface generation and visualization.

KumuluzEE Testing

Tools and utilities for testing KumuluzEE microservices.

KumuluzEE gRPC

Native support for gRPC based services.

KumuluzEE GraphQL

Native support for GraphQL.

KumuluzEE Ethereum

For Ethereum-enabled microservices.