What people are saying about KumuluzEE

KumuluzEE is a great community effort to power Java EE API based microservices, especially on the cloud.

~ Reza Rahman, Senior Java Technologist, Author, Speaker.

Reza Rahman
KumuluzEE truly brings microservice architecture to Java EE. Maven-ready, Fat JAR, modularized dependencies, Docker-ready, and pluggable web container makes it ready to be deployable in any cloud environment. If you are building apps using Java EE, start your microservice journey with KumuluzEE!

~ Arun Gupta, Vice President, Developer Relations at Couchbase.

Arun Gupta
Although Java EE specifications and application servers have come down in size, it still wasn't a first technology choice for today's micro services developer when compared to say NodeJS or Spring Boot. That's now changed as KumuluzEE brings a light-weight, application server free way of creating micro services with the full power of Java, the JVM and JavaEE behind it! This innovative stack is truly a worthy Duke Awards winner in 2015.

~ Martijn Verburg, Java Champion and CEO of jClarity.

Martijn Verburg
If you are exploring Microservices for Java EE, you need to take a look at KumuluzEE's novel yet simple approach to automating microservices for you.

~ Harshad Oak, Java Champion and Founder of Rightrix Solutions and IndicThreads.

Harshad Oak