Build Microservices using Standard Java EE Technologies

KumuluzEE allows you to decompose Java EE applications into microservices. It allows you to create standalone lightweight Java EE microservices that can be efficiently deployed, executed and scaled in the cloud on PaaS and Docker-like environments or as standalone applications. KumuluzEE microservices have minimal footprint and require minimal or no configuration. KumuluzEE automates the tasks, related to the deployment and configuration of Java EE microservices, thus overcoming the major drawback of the microservice architecture and eliminating the need for an application server.

Develop Java EE microservices ready for the Cloud

KumuluzEE allows you to develop microservices with standard Java EE technologies, such as JAX-RS, JPA, CDI, JMS, etc. KumuluzEE will pack them into standalone JARs with minimal footprint and make them ready to scale on the Cloud. KumuluzEE will also manage the dependencies.


Migrate existing Java EE application to microservices

With KumuluzEE you can easily migrate existing Java EE applications to microservices. It simplifies decomposing existing applications into microservices gradually step-by-step. For example, you can decide to migrate just a few services and leave the rest on your existing Java EE application server (such as Oracle WebLogic, WildFly or IBM WebSphere), while still remaining fully interoperable with Java EE application servers. This means that applications can run simultaneously partly as microservices and partially on an application server with native support for container authentication, remote EJB calls, remote JMS, data sources, etc.


Minimal footprint, efficient deployment and scalability in the Cloud

Develop standalone Java EE microservices with minimal footprint. All the components needed to start your microservice are embedded alongside it. Run your microservices anywhere Java runs as well as in PaaS and Docker-like environments. Efficiently scale your microservices in the cloud.


Leverage your existing Java EE knowledge

KumuluzEE has been designed to use standard Java EE technologies and APIs like JAX-RS, JPA, CDI, JMS, etc. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for existing enterprise Java EE developers, who would like to leverage their skills, but progressively move from monolithic to microservice designs.

If you know how to develop Java EE applications, you know how to develop KumuluzEE microservices.


Complete control over Java EE components

The framework is completely modular and as such allows you, with the help of Maven, Gradle or plain old jar files, to handpick the components that you need for your application.

Whether it be only JAX-RS and JPA or a bigger stack with EJB, JAX-WS, JSF, JMS and many more. Underneath it all is an embedded light-weight high performance HTTP and servlet web server of your choice.


Minimal to no configuration settings

The selected components are automatically bootstrapped together with minimal user configuration. Resource settings are explicitly specified in the application so that they can be easily pulled from the environment where they reside in most PaaS (cloud) environments.


Open source

The project is and will be shaped by both us and the community. All the work is done on GitHub so that anyone who has the desire or knowledge to improve, extend or modify the framework can easily do so.